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Forum Rules - Please adhere to.

Post by Neild » Fri Apr 09, 2010 3:23 pm

Dear all,

Disco3Club's web forum

Is a family environment and suitable for People of all ages. It is a place to have fun, chat, make arrangements for help and member meet ups – you might also want to Discuss Discovery 3 and 4’s!

It is hoped that the moderating team will not have to become too involved in proceedings but if necessary we will if we find any posts damaging, insulting, threatening or in bad taste.

We will endeavour to monitor situations effectively, However, if we miss anything please feel free to press the (!) button to alert us.

If we do have to modify a post or move it we will issue a message either in the thread or on the modified message.

The website team reserve all rights to move, modify and delete any post– however we will issue a PM or email giving the reason(s) why.

Remember the 10 minute rule – if you think your post will be controversial or offensive, wait 10 minutes before posting – you might have a change of heart.

Member Services

If you are posting in the Members Services section your post CAN NOT promote ‘Cars/accessories or anything related to Discovery 3 or 4's. Please see the relevant post on the Member Section.


Only website sponsors will be allowed to have an an Avatar to promote items. All others must be in good taste and non commericial.

Signature Lines

No commerical links allowed - this is reserved for sponsors only. You are free to memntion your toys lists!. Strictly no pictures or images

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