Recovery Training - news

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Recovery Training - news

Post by Non Stick Nick » Fri Mar 09, 2018 7:25 pm

So, I have news!.

Pour previous go to chap , David Heaton @ Off Road Motivations has now finished.

I have been looking & thanks to a contact from Mr Treasurer, I now have some info, or rather questions.

1. What wold you like to learn about, basic winching, more advanced winching, general recovery techniques - ropes - jacks etc, or something else?
2. week day or weekend & what time of the year.

The courses are £300 and that is for between 2 & 4 people with 1 instructor.
If we get 6 people the course would be 6 then a second instructor would be needed so £600.

The course would be with - James Trembath & on the East Foldhay site @ David Bowyers Goodwinch place in Devon.

Your Comments please.

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