Park brake adjustment.

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Park brake adjustment.

Post by hangman3 » Sun Jul 01, 2018 12:49 pm

I have just replaced for new the pads, discs & shoes (all Mintex). When adjusting up, I find that when turning with the torque wrench I get 46Nm on part of the turn, nearly 70 on another part & at one small part 38. Is this ok or should it be even all round? When all adjusted, it feels to very stiff when turning by hand as if binding. As well as the new parts, I have had to renew the gears in the module as on my first attempt the shoes disintegrated & caused the module to jam (fake parts I guess from Ebay) & in turn snap a tooth off one of the gears. Are there any special things to do now that the Module has been taken to bits?

So 2 questions to answer here please.

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