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Post by alexporsche » Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:43 pm

Hello all i've been toying with the idea of buying a Disco 3 and after very good and very bad information i am about ready to take the plunge.

Like most opinions online i will always make up my own mind but value the opinion of actual owners rather than magazine reviews.

So far i think it best to buy a 2008 3 as it's the last in the line and any problems should have been ironed out, however i do understand ther will still be some there.

Anyway what would you reccomend and can you tell me the road tax average MPG and am i right in saying as it's a heavy car brakes/bushes do wear out.

Also what's the possibility of changing the suspension to coilovers to get away from any complicated air ride/compressor issues and also has anyone upgrade the brakes (i do this on most cars i've owned).

Finally as a rough guide is between £4500-£6500 about right for a car around 100+ miles?>

Thanks in advance


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Re: New Owner

Post by anglefire » Mon Jan 14, 2019 6:18 pm

I had my 2006 D3 for 7 years and around 174,000miles.
In that time it averaged a true 24mpg. Including off road, towing the tin tent (twin axle, but not that far in relation to other times!)
It was remapped fairly early on.

Brakes. Not that heavy really - about 25k for pads and roughly disks every other change.
Some do the V8 conversion of bigger disks front or front and rear. I didn't as it limits wheel size to 18" or larger - so 17" won't fit - and that arguably limits the choice of off road tyres.
I replaced the servo and master cylinder at about 204k - the servo with the Supercharger version which is the same physical size but gives a bit more power.

Coil conversion? Yes can be done - some have.

Any complicated air ride/compressor issues.
No they aren't. Really they aren't. Issues? No not really.

I had I think one compressor changed under warranty at about 70k - I fitted a refurb's one from Bodsy which lasted several months whilst I could sort a new one out and then at 148k fitted a new AMK which as far as I know is still going strong at around 245k. I did change the airbags all round at about 160k - but that was preventive more than anything else.

Bearing and bushes - I'd guess around 60-100k they need replacing. Is that bad?

A lot of stuff can be done yourself if yo have a decent set of spanners. Brakes are easy. Bodsy's brake bible is a must have. Front pads can be changed in about 30minutes a side. With disks about an hour. Rear a little longer if changing disks as you have to setup the hand brake - but that would need a service anyway to keep that in good condition. With regards to hand brake (Well EPB) some have a lot of trouble with it - I think I had a module changed early in my ownership under warranty. Other than that, it was used daily and was still working just fine when I sold it at 234k - and I believe still ok now.


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Re: New Owner

Post by alexporsche » Mon Jan 14, 2019 10:35 pm

Sounds encouraging i'm fine with tinkering on cars my Subaru Legacy i've fitted coilovers brakes disks calipers steering pump radiator bushes pretty anything mechanical rarely been to a garage although just to change tyres then in always buy those cheaper somewhere then take to get fitted.

So a 2008 Disco 3 HSE would be a safe bet?



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Re: New Owner

Post by Bodsy » Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:49 pm

The only thing I would make sure has been done or you do straight away is to change the oil pump if there’s no receipt to show it having been done previously.

Here for How to change your Brake Pads, Disks, EPB Shoes Adjust, removal, cleaning & fitting Guide.

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